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How can we use our mindfulness training in this unusual situation, right now?


You and your family can take part in Miss Steer's new 100 Days of Mindfulness Challenge. 

Head over to her YouTube channel to take part in her sessions.



Miss Steer reminds us that to make anything mindful:

  • Avoid overloading - try to do one thing at once.
  • Be present - have time away from your electronics and BE in the moment.
  • Be patient, understanding and curious.
  • Use your beginner's mind - do something as if you've never done it before.

Put your training into practice at home by:

  • Mindful eating - try a new food and use all your senses when eating. 
  • Mindful nature pause and walk - on your daily exercise, stop for a moment and really take in the area around you. 
  • Mindful drawing - let the pencil be your guide. 
  • Mindful listening to music - head to YouTube or Spotify and search 'Calm music for kids'
  • Yoga - try Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Mindful hobbies (playing instruments, knitting, colouring, karate moves)
  • Acts of Kindness - help around the house, give a friend or relative a call, pick up litter on your daily walk.

Here are some more ways that you could use your mindful learning at home:


                    Keep a gratitude diary                                                               Thoughts POP!                                                                      Breathing Space 

Everyday, write 3 things you're grateful for.                  Choose to use, save or bin your thoughts.                           Find a quiet space in your house to 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            reflect and stay calm.


                   Mindful Conversations                                                                  Zone of Control                                                       What's your weather like?

Positive communication is key, especially                             Remember, there are some thing YOU can            Check in with the weather in your mind -               during this uncertain time.                                                       control and some things you can't.                   do you feel big sunshine's, thunder storms                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      or a calm, peaceful breeze?